4 Tips for a Successful Green Move

Congratulations on the move into your new home! Moving can be an exciting experience, but it can also be very stressful and have a negative environmental impact. If you're striving for a green move, you're probably looking for ways you can reduce waste.

Can you arrive safely at your new green home in an environmentally-friendly manner? Yes, you can! Before you pack your first box, follow these four tips to help you have a successful green move into your new home.

Consider Which Items are Worth the Move

Your green move will be easier and more environmentally friendly if you move fewer items. So before you start packing your boxes, take inventory of each item you're packing and determine if you really need it. If you haven't used the item in years—or you don't even know what it is—then you probably don't need to bring it with you. Once you have set aside the items that won't be making the trip, continue green living by holding a garage sale or donating them to charity instead of throwing them away.

Seek Out Green Moving Materials

Moving allows you a tremendous opportunity to reuse and recycle pre-existing materials. Stop cardboard boxes from ending up in a restaurant or retail store's dumpster by volunteering to take them for your move. You can also buy used cardboard boxes or locate them from other movers on freecycle.org. Since moving companies prefer new boxes because they offer added stability, that means there are plenty of cardboard boxes discarded each year after only one use. Buying used boxes is not only green, it's also more affordable. You can also avoid cardboard boxes altogether and support your green move by renting reusable packing crates instead.

Pop the Bubble

If your moving boxes are green, but the items inside are wrapped in bubble wrap, your green move isn't as efficient as it could be. Instead of using bubble wrap, opt for green packing materials like recycled newspaper. You can also use old towels or clothes, assuring that you're packing and protecting your items both at the same time.

Check the Trucks

A moving truck's greenhouse gases don't have to be a necessary evil of your green move. Before you hire a moving company, head to the Internet and look for environmentally friendly movers in your area. You may be surprised by your options.