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Understanding Your Electricity Bill

Direct Energy Regulated Services purchases electricity on your behalf and supplies it to you at a rate that is reviewed by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). Your electricity bill includes a variety of information, definitions and various charges – we want to help you make better sense of it all.

Electricity Energy Glossary

Administration Fee (Fixed) - This fee covers the costs related to billing you for the electricity and providing customer service.

Cost of Electricity - This charge covers the cost of electricity that you used during the billing period.

Distribution Charge (Fixed/Variable) - This charge recovers the cost of the lower voltage lines that carry electricity from the transformers to your meter. All operating costs and revenue for ATCO Electric are recovered through the delivery charges.

Energy Used (kWh) - The energy used represents the kilowatt hours of electricity you consumed in the billing period. This can be either an actual or an estimate.

From and To Reads - The "From" and "To" reads are your last actual meter readings. The difference between the "To" and "From" meter readings will provide you the usage for that period.

Local Access Fee (LAF) - The LAF is a surcharge levied by your municipality to your distributor. It is not approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission. You may contact your distributor to find out how the specific LAF levy charged by your municipality is determined.

Meter Number - This is the number attached to the meter installed on your premise. This number is unique to each meter assigned.

Rate Rider - This item reflects temporary changes to your bill approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission. It may be a credit or a debit.

Transmission Charge - This charge recovers the costs of owning and operating the high voltage lines that carry electricity to the substation transformers.

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