Electricity Bill

Gas Bill

What’s In Your Bill?

Example of a Direct Energy Regulated account information.

1. Account Information & Summary

Here’s where you will find your account number, the name and address of the person responsible for paying the bill. Check the Late Payment Penalty Date associated with your account and avoid extra charges by paying your bill by the date shown.

Example of a noticeboard for Direct Energy Regulated Services.

2. Bulletin

Important updates or changes that can affect your service or account are communicated here.

Example of Direct Energy Regulated Services retailer charges.

Retailer Charges

This section of your bill shows exactly what charges and fees are associated with your account. You will see an Administration Fee (fixed) that reflects the costs of providing billing and customers service, based on the number of days in the current billing period. You will also see the Cost of Energy consumed during the billing period based on actual or estimated meter readings.

Example of Direct Energy Regulated Services distribution charges.

Distributor Charges

All distributor costs on your bill are set by and paid to ATCO. These charges are associated with delivering energy to your home. This includes the operation and maintenance of energy infrastructure. These costs don’t change, regardless of the retailer you choose.


Understanding Energy Costs

The most common reasons that our customers’ electricity or natural gas bills increase, or decrease, are related to Alberta’s weather, changes in a home or workplace and global events.

Icon showing winter and summer

Extreme Weather

Exceptionally cold or hot periods during the year lead to more energy usage as we turn up our furnaces or air conditioning units to stay comfortable.

Home and environment icon

Home Environment

Keeping the thermostat at a higher temperature, adding or changing appliances, having house guests or not keeping up with furnace maintenance and filter changes can result in higher energy bills.

Icon with magnifying glass and monitor showing a line graph

Rate Changes

Regulated natural gas and electricity prices can fluctuate from month to month due to weather, increases or decreases in usage, world events and supply and demand factors.

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