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With regular billing, your energy bill goes up during high-usage months and down in low-usage months. Instead, Average Billing allows you to pay a rolling average monthly amount, spreading your energy costs throughout the year and making it more manageable. 


  1. We add up your monthly bills for 12 months (or the number of monthly bills available, if fewer than 12). 
  2. We then take that total and divide the amount by 12 or by the total months available for your service address (if fewer than 12). 
  3. Finally, we add or subtract 1/12 of your deferred balance, which is the cumulative difference between your monthly Average Billing amount and your actual usage charges. 

Average Billing is an easy way to manage your monthly energy budget.

To enroll, log in to your Online Account and choose "Set Up Average Billing" from the Account Summary column.


Example of Average Biling


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a deferred balance?

The deferred balance is the accumulative difference between your determined Average Billing amount and what you would normally owe if you were not on our Average Billing program. You can find the deferred balance amount on your monthly bills. If the bill amount is negative, we will subtract 1/12 from your bill. If the bill amount is positive, we will add 1/12 to your bill.   

If you're new to Average Billing, the deferred balance will begin on the second month. If you decide to cancel your Average Billing, or change energy retailers, you will need to pay your deferred balance in full.  

What will my bill look like with Average Billing?

Your monthly bill will show the Average Billing amount that is due that month. In addition, you'll see your actual usage, the current price, and your deferred balance. As mentioned above, the deferred balance might be a credit, or an amount owed.  

Does Average Billing have payment options?

Average Billing offers the same payment options as regular billing. For example, you can sign up for Auto Pay through your bank or make payments through your Online Account, mail, or phone. You can read more about your payment options.

How do I cancel Average Billing?

Please call us if you'd like to remove Average Billing from your account. Unfortunately, we cannot make those adjustments through your Online Account at this time. If you decide to cancel your Average Billing, or change energy retailers, we will apply any credit balance to your next bill or refund it. However, if you have an outstanding deferred balance, you'll have to pay it at this time. 

Our Billing and Account line is 1-866-420-3174.

I'm a new customer interested in Average Billing but don't have a previous billing history with Direct Energy Regulated Services. What do I do?

Average Billing would only start on your second month with us as we calculate your Average Billing amount based on the average of your Direct Energy Regulated Services bills.

What if I change energy providers?

If you switch to another energy provider, we'll apply any credit balance on your account to your final bill, or you'll receive a refund. If you have any outstanding deferred balance, you'll have to pay it at this time.    

What happens if I transfer my service to another address?

You might be able to transfer your deferred balance over to your new address. We can discuss this when you let us know you're moving and request a service transfer.