Direct Energy Regulated Services (DERS) ensures Albertans have reliable energy services to heat and power their homes safely and comfortably during the cold seasons. We are a regulated provider, which ensures you’ll always have utilities in the winter, even if you’ve missed payments.  

We take the responsibility of providing this critical service seriously and take it to heart. If you’ve missed payments for whatever reason and received a disconnection notice from us, here is some information that can help.    


We are a regulated provider  

DERS is a regulated utility retailer. What does that mean?  
  • That means we’re regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC).   
  • The AUC reviews our plans for setting electricity and gas rates and ensures they reflect the wholesale market and are fairly-priced. You can learn more about the difference between competitive and regulated utility providers.   
We won’t disconnect services in the winter  
  • We’ll ensure you have natural gas and electricity during the cold winter months, even if you’ve missed payments.   
  • The winter moratorium prohibits natural gas and electricity disconnection in Alberta in the coldest months, from about mid-October to mid-April.   
  • If you’ve missed payments during that time, you might receive a letter letting you know the next steps to avoid disconnection.  
We care and want to help  

These last two years have been tough in many different ways. The impacts of COVID-19, higher energy rates, extremely cold weather and inflation add up to some unexpected challenges and expenses. If you’ve found yourself in a difficult situation and have received a disconnection notice, we want to help.   

Call us. We’ll set up a plan to help you clear your debt in a way that works for you.    

Unpaid debt impacts everyone  

Disconnecting your service is the last thing we want to do and is truly the last resort. We want to ensure you have the service you need and want to keep you as our customer. Plus, if that debt goes unpaid, the cost gets baked into our rates. That means increased rates for all our customers. Please pay your bill as soon as possible if you're able to.   

Remember, we are flexible and will try our hardest to help. If you’ve received a disconnection notice or are worried about your service, you’re in good hands. Please reach out.