What is Direct Energy Regulated Services?

Choosing your energy provider does not have to be stressful! We are Direct Energy Regulated Services (DERS), and we are a regulated retailer of natural gas and electricity in Alberta. As an Albertan, you have several energy solutions to select from. When you are choosing a natural gas and electricity retailer, you have the choice between a regulated or competitive provider to energize your home or business. Both are going to establish the price you pay per kilowatt hour for electricity or gigajoule for natural gas, but what is the difference between a regulated and competitive provider?

A regulated retailer’s rates are reviewed each month by an independent body and are based on market conditions. In Alberta, the regulated rates are reviewed and approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). The AUC is a government agency responsible for ensuring that the delivery of Alberta's utility services take place in a manner that is fair, responsible and in the public interest.

Regulated rates may fluctuate from month to month, but they’re always reviewed to ensure they are fair.
Regulated rates may fluctuate from month to month, but they’re always reviewed to ensure they are fair.

A competitive retailer offers contracts for natural gas and electricity with fixed rates that will not change during the term of the contract. These energy retailers can set the rates based on what they think is competitive in the market and how much it will cost them to buy energy from producers.

Now that we know the difference between regulated and competitive, what does that mean for you? At DERS, we want you to know you can count on us to energize your home with fair rates. Here is what we offer as a regulated retailer:

Regulated Rates 

Our rates are reviewed by the AUC based on a pre-approved energy price setting plan. That plan establishes how we purchase energy from suppliers on your behalf. This ensures our rates reflect market prices and that you're never paying more than you should for your energy. In fact, over the last 2 years our average natural gas rates have been lower than any current price offered by competitive retailers with fixed rate contracts.

No Contract

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When you choose DERS as your regulated retailer, there is no contract to sign and no term to commit to. You have the freedom to pay month to month based on natural gas and electricity rates that have been approved by the AUC. This gives you assurance that your energy charges are fair and provides you flexibility to choose what works best for your energy needs.

Easy Set Up

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In most cases, we can get your natural gas and power turned on in the same day. With this easy set up you won’t have to skip a beat in your day-to-day life. With dependable and reliable service, you can count on DERS to energize your home and business.

Regulated rates, easy set up and no contract are some of the many benefits to choosing a regulated retailer like DERS. At the end of the day, you can count on us to energize your home or business with fair natural gas and electricity rates. If you have any more questions about who we are or the service we provide, please contact us.