Energy is about so much more than powering a home. It's in your enduring ability to persevere through difficult times, putting your love for your family above all else. We know it's not always easy, so thank you for being there for us, no matter the day, the obstacle, or the distance.

To all the moms and mother figures across the province, here's to you–the Energy of your love shines bright.

Mom, you inspire us video

Directing Energy to What Matters Most

At Direct Energy and Direct Energy Regulated Services, we are committed to growing our support of moms and families across the province through community initiatives and partnerships. That’s why we partnered with Sagesse, an organization that empowers Albertans with the information to break the cycle of domestic abuse.

Chances are, we all know someone impacted by domestic violence. But, working to end it requires working together.

Learn more about our partnership with Sagesse and the programs we support to help families get the tools and resources they need to be safe.