If you're thinking about switching your energy provider or are moving to a new home, we want to make it easy for you to choose your next natural gas and electricity solution.  

Direct Energy Regulated Services (DERS) is one of the energy solutions for homes and businesses in most areas of Alberta. We are a regulated energy retailer, providing fairly-priced natural gas and electricity to homeowners and businesses across the province.  The word “regulated” means that our service and rates are regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission or AUC.   The AUC is a government agency responsible for ensuring that Alberta's utility retail services and delivery takes place in a manner that is fair, responsible, and in the public interest. 

When you choose a regulated service provider like DERS, where you live matters because regulated energy retailers like us can provide gas or electricity service only in certain areas of Alberta.  This means that depending where you live, there is only one regulated service provider for each of your electricity and gas services.   

Want to know if DERS is the regulated service provider for your gas or electricity service?  The easiest way to find out if we can provide service to you is with a quick search on our website. Just click HERE and enter your municipality – we’ll let you know which services we can offer you!

Map of Alberta with a graphic of connection points

Once you know if DERS services your area, there are other things to consider when choosing your energy solution. Read our blog about How to Choose Your Natural Gas & Electricity Provider for a deeper look at what you should think about.  With DERS, you can count on us to energize your home or business. 

For natural gas, we can provide service to most regions in Alberta including 1.3 million homes/businesses across the province – check out our natural gas service map HERE. 

For electricity, we can provide service primarily in northern Alberta and east-central Alberta, to over 250,000 Albertans across 45 communities including Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, and Lloydminster – check out our electricity service map HERE. 

Click HERE to check our website and enter your municipality to find out which services we can provide! Once you determine if we can help provide energy to your home or business, here are a few reasons why DERS might be a good choice for you and your family:  


  • We have a quick service set up! You can start your gas and electricity service as soon as you need it  
  • As a regulated provider, you don't have to sign a contract to get service from us 
  • We offer easy and convenient online account and billing options; you can even pay with your credit card 


If you're interested in learning more or signing up for Direct Energy Regulated Services, click HERE or call 1-866-420-3174.