ATCO Gas, your natural gas distributor, will transition from vehicle to aerial meter reading as of July 2018. This change will impact the date that your meter is read which then affects when you receive your monthly bill. As the timing changes between your current and new meter read dates, your monthly bill may vary from what you usually expect. This is due to both shorter and longer billing periods during the transition. By October 2018, all customers will have completed the transition. If you have used the above tool, please note that only your statement date was displayed. The Late Payment Penalty Date is approximately 17 calendar days after the statement date.

Using the tool on this page, please enter your account number. This will provide you with the estimated dates your bill will be produced over the next few months. Almost all customers will have a new statement date, which will result in a new Late Payment Penalty Date.

If you have a shorter period between bills, during the transition month, you should expect a smaller number of consumption days reflected on your bill.

For customers with a longer period between bills, your next bill would be expected to be higher, due to more consumption days being charged.

The transition will be complete by October 2018, and all customers will be on their new statement dates.

Customers with automatic bill payment should expect to have funds withdrawn on a new date. Please plan accordingly.

If you are a Budget Payment Plan Customer, additional work has been done to your account to limit the impact of this change. You will not experience more than one withdrawal per month. You will still have your statement date change and should use the tool provided to estimate the new timeframe.

Your Late Payment Penalty date will change which may require changes be made to your banking information, however; the amount associated with your Budget Payment Plan will be subject to current process.

If the tool indicates that you will receive two bills in the same month, customers with automatic pre-authorized debits set-up with their bank, should be prepared for the potential of two withdrawals. If this causes you concern or financial issues, please contact us.

ATCO Gas has provided Direct Energy a tentative schedule on when each meter will be read in the province. This may be revised over these months but by October all changes will be completed.

If you receive two bills in July, August, or September, it means that the timeframe which your meter was read has been reduced. You will have your meter read on your current read date and then again, on your new date.

If the tool indicates that you won't have a bill for a specific month, it means that your new meter read date has moved up in the month. Direct Energy set a minimum threshold of 22 days between bills and the time between your meter readings didn't meet the threshold. You should anticipate that your next bill will be higher as it will cover a larger date range or billing cycle than usual.

We understand that this change may be difficult and are here to help. A new Late Payment Penalty date can be requested once the changes are complete and your new gas meter read dates fully transitioned. Please contact us if assistance is needed.

ATCO Gas, your natural gas distributor, has made the decision to transition to aerial meter reading. They will take their trucks off the road and utilize technology to read your meter. More details about aerial meter reading are available at

No, the only change will be the dates when your meter is read and when you receive your bill. The date that your meter is read drives when you receive your bill and when it is due. During the transition period, the time between when your meter is read may be shorter or longer than usual. This may impact the amount you are paying for that month.

No, your physical meter will not change. In the past, ATCO Gas vehicles would drive around to collect meter reads using radio signal technology. New technology now allows us to collect the same information using an airplane. No meter intervention, meter access, or meter change is needed.

Your meter read will continue as usual but with the use of airplanes. There is no need for ATCO Gas to enter your property or make changes to your meter.

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