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Important Change to Your Natural Gas Bill

Important: Between July 1, through to October 1, 2018, your bill statement date may change due to meter read changes by your natural gas distributor. This change will also then impact when your payment is required. Please visit www.directenergy.ca/billingchanges for more information and to find out your estimated new future bill statement dates.

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Energy Saving Tips for Spring

It's springtime and warmer weather is on the way! Learn about Direct Energy's eco-friendly tips to curb your energy use and save you money this spring.

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Making Sense of Your Natural Gas Bill

Your natural gas bill includes a variety of information, definitions and various changes – we want to help you make better sense of it all.

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Home Services in Alberta

Since 2000, the Direct Energy brand has developed into one of North America's largest providers of home services, natural gas, and electricity. Our top priority is to deliver outstanding customer service to our customers. We offer services in HVAC repair, replacement, and maintenance, as well as water heater purchase and repair.